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This list contains some of our favorite web sites of modeling resources that we think you might enjoy.

1/87 Vehicle & Equipment Club - THE source for what's going on in the world of 1/87 scale vehicle modeling; highly recommended!

A-Line - manufactures 1/87 highway and intermodal trailers, decals, and a line of excellent truck and trailer detail parts

Atlas Model Railroad - manufactures 1/87 pickup truck, truck tractor, and trailer models in addition to their railroad model line

Athearn - manufactures 1/87 ocean and domestic containers, 20' container chassis, trailers, truck tractor kits, and railroad models

Busch - manufactures high quality 1/87 scale automobile, truck, farm, and construction equipment models in plastic

GHQ Models - manufactures high quality 1/87 scale automobile, truck, farm, and construction equipment in pewter

Hank's Truck Pictures - absolutely the best and largest collection of truck photos on the web!

Herpa - manufactures some of the finest 1/87 vehicle models of all kinds

HO Scale Buses E-mail List - e-mail "chat" list for 1/87 scale bus model fans

Scale Structures Limited - manufactures the Alloy Forms brand of white metal truck and trailer model kits

Masterbilt Models - manufacturer of the finest 1/87 resin truck kits

Microscale - producer of a wide variety of 1/87 decals for vehicles, buildings, and railroad models

Plano Model Products - produces photo-etched metal accessories for 1/87 scale trucks, truck tractors, and trailers

Promotex - North American distributor for Herpa, manufactures their own line of truck models and distributes custom decorated 1/87 vehicles

Wiking - manufactures 1/87 vehicles of all kinds

Wm. K. Walthers - manufactures and distributes 1/87 vehicles and equipment of all kinds

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